See Google Search Results from a different location

With LocalSERP you can simulate using Google Search from a different location. It's useful for searching Google as if you were somewhere else. You can emulate a search from any country, city, neighborhood, borough, district or even ZIP code (postal code) around the world.

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Google Search Results for Different Locations

See exactly what customers see in Google in all the different locations.

Emulate a search from any location.

LocalSERP allows you to change your geo-location by simply entering a country or city name or postal code.

See what customers really see.

Google leaves marketers blind to what customers really see in different locations. With LocalSERP you see exactly what customers see.

Emulate a search from a different device.

LocalSERP simulates not only geopositions but user devices (mobile, tablet or desktop) as well.


Google Search from a different location & device.

LocalSERP is useful for advertisers and companies concerned with their website rankings on Google, whom it helps to quickly check their search engine advertising and optimization (SEA & SEO) results and that of their competitors.

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  • Search Google from a different location
  • Emulate a search from any country, city or postal code
  • Emulate different devices (mobile, tablet or desktop)
  • 7-day money back guarantee
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Frequently Asked Questions

You can enter a location and a keyword and then see the original Google Search Results Page as if you were in that location and would search Google from there. Locations can be countries, cities, city parts or ZIP/postal codes.
When performing a Google search with LocalSERP you can choose if you want to see Google's Desktop, Tablet or Mobile version. So you emulate that device no matter what actual device you are using. (E. g. you can see Google Mobile results from a Desktop PC.)
  1. Ad Preview does not let you click on the ads or search results. LocalSERP does.
  2. Ad Preview shows only the first results page. With LocalSERP you can see as many results pages as you want.
  3. Generally, Ad Preview is meant to be a static preview. LocalSERP gives you the full-featured results page.
  4. Last but not least, Ad Preview is not working as intended. Results often aren't the actual results customers in your target location see.
We offer full refund within 7 days of the day you subscribed.

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Most of the queries customers use to find businesses are geo-sensitive. They are likely to change a lot from city to city, and even from district to district. If you’re a search pro you need to see the actual search results as customers see them.

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